Ex-ISI chief Faiz ‘architect, biggest beneficiary’ in Al-Qadir corruption case, claims Vawda – Pakistan

    Ex-ISI chief Faiz ‘architect, biggest beneficiary’ in Al-Qadir corruption case, claims Vawda – Pakistan

    Former federal minister Faisal Vawda on Wednesday accused former director-general (DG) of the Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) Lieutenant-General (retd) Faiz Hameed of being the “architect, mastermind and biggest beneficiary” of the Al-Qadir Trust case.

    The case alleges that the former premier and his wife obtained billions of rupees and land worth hundreds of kanals from Bahria Town Ltd for legalising Rs50 billion, which was later identified and returned to the country by the UK during the tenure of the PTI government. The case also involves the role of former accountability czar Shahzad Akbar in the repatriation of the Rs50bn.

    Talking to the media in Islamabad today, Vawda, a former PTI leader, said many names were being taken in the media pertaining to the case, including Akbar, Imran and others’.

    “But one name which everyone has forgotten is that of the architect and designer of all this, who benefitted the most from this corruption scheme. His name is Faiz Hameed and you know he was the former DG ISI.”

    Vawda said he hoped that the relevant institutions would “connect the dots” in the case since there was no “pay order for corruption”.

    “If there is a man whose salary began from Rs100 before the start of his career and then he went on to become someone earning Rs10,000 and gained assets worth Rs100 million, I don’t think you need to go far [in determining the truth].”

    Vawda said he was only shedding light on the former spymaster’s alleged corruption for the moment and exhibiting responsibility by not expounding on his “other deplorable crimes”.

    Reiterating his claims about Hameed being the biggest beneficiary of the case, Vawda said he was only talking about the former spymaster’s domestic assets for the moment instead of his foreign wealth.

    “If you’re moving forward for Pakistan’s sake then by and large there will be accountability across the board. It won’t happen that there will be [accountability] of politicians, police officials, bureaucrats, media persons and businessmen while some people will be above the law.”

    Vawda said he had submitted his claims in writing but added that he did not need to provide documents for his allegations. “If any institution concerned has an issue today then I can take it to Chakwal and tell them this [property] is worth this much and if they undervalue it then I will buy it myself by paying more,” he further said.

    The former PTI leader also criticised accountability czar Akbar for his role in the Al Qadir Trust case, adding that he had had a “severe argument” with him on the matter.

    Vawda claimed he had told Imran that Akbar would flee the country one day, adding that Hameed also had a role in this and other relevant individuals’ escape.

    Regarding the mass quitting of PTI MNAs and MPAs from the party, Vawda said he had already informed Imran about “snakes” in the party, adding that many more would hold press conferences in the days to come and criticise the PTI chief for the events of May 9.

    Vawda also strongly criticised President Dr Arif Alvi and accused him of being responsible for the current state of the party. “Arif Alvi sahib has a big role in [creating] these misunderstandings,” he added.

    probe was under way against the ex-ISI boss and his brother over alleged corruption and accumulating assets beyond means. However, he had said it would be premature to say anything further.

    When it was pointed out that any probe into assets beyond means would fall in the domain of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), the law minister had said an investigation was already under way.

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