Amazon employee who was fired in January, rejoins company after four months in senior role 

    By Ankita Chakravarti: In a heartwarming twist of fate, an employee’s journey with Amazon has come full circle. A female employee, who was laid off by Amazon in the month of January, has now triumphantly returned to the company, reuniting with her old team after only four months. Paige Cipriani, who experienced the disappointment of being laid off by the tech giant in January, has returned to the company as the Product Marketing Manager after four months.

    Taking to Linkedin, Cipriani wrote, “I am so happy to announce that on Monday I started back at Amazon on the Social Marketing team, the same team I was on before being laid off in January. I was re-hired, as a Product Marketing Manager, in a newly opened position, so I will be focusing on a different line of business than before. I feel so thankful to be back on such a great team and am looking forward to what this new (yet familiar) journey holds.”

    After being laid off in January, Cipriani candidly expressed her feelings about the situation. In her heartfelt update, she shared, she was amongst the 18,000 employees affected by the Amazon layoffs. “It’s truly tough, and I’m still trying to come to terms with it all. I feel a sense of sadness because my journey at the company had just begun, and I had the privilege of working alongside some of the brightest minds in the industry. Despite everything, I remain immensely grateful for the time I spent there, the valuable connections I made, and the wealth of knowledge I acquired,” she wrote.

    In a recent development, a woman who had returned to work following her maternity leave revealed that she had been laid off from her position. Leyla Badalova, formerly an Internal Recruiter at Amazon, took to LinkedIn to share the unfortunate news. She expressed, “Hello, LinkedIn friends! I wanted to provide you all with an update. Unfortunately, I have recently been laid off from my role as an Internal Recruiter at Amazon, right after returning from my maternity leave. Despite this setback, I am maintaining a positive outlook and staying motivated to explore new career opportunities.”

    Last week, Amazon implemented another wave of layoffs, affecting around 500 employees across various departments in India. This downsizing initiative is part of the broader reduction in workforce announced by CEO Andy Jassy in March, impacting approximately 9,000 individuals. Notably, Amazon joins the ranks of other prominent tech companies, including Meta and Google, who have also been streamlining their employee numbers in recent times.

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