New character, voice commands, and more

    New character, voice commands, and more

    Garena is soon releasing the much-awaited Free Fire OB40 to its global users. Gamers are very excited to get their hands on fresh features like new modes, characters, and other in-game changes. Before an official release, developers launch an Advance Server for the upcoming update. The server is made accessible to users who register on the official website. You can check out all the latest features of the OB40 update by accessing the Advance Server.

    However, you must remember there are limited slots in the Advance Server, and its access can only be obtained through the official website. This article discusses the best features of the OB40 Advance Server in Free Fire.

    New character, Gloo maker, and other top Free Fire OB40 Advance Server features

    Same speed in water and ground

    With the OB40 Advance Server, you will see a new feature where the charter will sprint on water and ground with the same speed. It will be a handy attribute as most players get stuck in water areas and run slowly, becoming easy targets for enemies.

    Launch a new game right after Booyah

    Another cool feature of the OB40 Advance Server is the ability to start a new game immediately following a Booyah. This feature will help save you time and quickly hop into a new match and carry the momentum of the previous game. After getting a Booyah, you will see a button called Play Again, which will immediately start a new game without getting to the lobby.

    New quick messages and voice commands

    Developers have added various new messages in the quick message option to interact with other players more finely. Garena will also add unique voice commands for male and female characters. With this, you can easily communicate with your teammates and friends with new sounds.

    New character and pet

    The Advance Server OB40 version will feature a brand new character called Sonia. The character has an ability called Nanoprotection which will help the user get a shield and some HP.

    A new pet with no skill called Pug will also be making its way to the upcoming update. Also, an elite version of the popular character DJ Alok will be available in the OB40 update.

    Gloo maker in Ranked Battle Royale mode

    In the OB40 Advance Server, you can also check out the new Gloo Maker device. The device will also be available in the BR-ranked mode, where you can deploy more gloo walls and protect yourselves from enemy attacks. The gloo maker will be one of the fan-favorite elements in Free Fire.

    New Plane lobby interface and other UI changes

    The OB40 Advance Server will also feature a brand new Plane lobby. Upon entering the game, you will directly enter the airplane lobby, where you can see other players. Along with this, developers have made some necessary changes to the in-game UI and added new items to the vending machine for players to use in matches.

    Disclaimer: Free Fire is unavailable on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store due to a government-imposed ban. Players should avoid playing the title. However, Free Fire MAX is available on the app stores and can be played.

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