Pfizer asks doctors to suspend use of life-saving antibiotics over quality concerns

    Pfizer asks doctors to suspend use of life-saving antibiotics over quality concerns

    Pfizer said some deviations were observed in the manufacturing of Magnex, Magnex Forte, Zosyn and Magnamycin, which are used in treating infections infections in critically ill patients

    American pharma major Pfizer has advised doctors in India to stop using some of its life-saving antibiotics for hospitalised patients, especially those in intensive care units (ICUs), saying some deviations were observed in the manufacturing of these drugs.

    The antibiotics are Magnex, Magnex Forte, Zosyn and Magnamycin.

    While the manufacturer is currently investigating the matter, it has requested Pfizer to suspend the distribution, supply and use of these medicines, the pharma giant said in a release on May 16. It identified the manufacturer as Astral Steritech Private Limited.

    Pfizer said it was taking all reasonable efforts to resolve the matter.

    Dr Sandeep Dewan, director and head of the department, Critical Care Medicine, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram, said the matter was of serious concern as a company like Pfizer had been forced to recall its drugs, particularly standard brands like Magnex Forte and Zosyn, because of quality issues.

    “Traditionally, we have been very comfortable with multinational companies giving them molecules and good brands to us. But this actually puts a question mark on the overall quality of the medicines that is delivered by these companies,” he added.

    Dewan said Magnex, Magnex Forte and Zosyn are used to treat infections in critically ill patients.

    “Most of our ICU patients receive these kinds of drugs. These are lifesaving drugs, somewhere down the line, it’s not good that the quality standards of these drugs have come into question,” he added.

    The All-India Organization of Chemists and Druggists (AIOCD) has written to its state units across the country to suspend the sale, distribution and supply of these products immediately.

    In a letter, AIOCD citing deviations observed at the manufacturing facility of Astral Steritech, asked for strict compliance with the directive.

    “In light of these observations, it is imperative that you immediately inform all trade and hospital stakeholders in your respective states and districts to temporarily suspend the sale, distribution, supply, and do not use of the aforementioned products till further notice,” Rajiv Singhal, general secretary, AIOCD, said in the letter.

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