Eggs are the favorite breakfast

For most people, eggs are their favorite breakfast. It is also clearly one of the easiest things to add to your diet. It provides high-quality protein, healthy fats as well as essential vitamins and minerals. As per reports, the American Heart Association recommends eating eggs with yolk to get wholesome nutrition out of it.

Eggs are heart healthy

Some people believe that eggs are not heart-healthy. 32 years of data also supports the fact that eggs do not have any threat to one’s heart. Saturated fats have adverse effects on one’s heart health and cholesterol but eggs have minimal saturated fats and its real benefits outdo the presence of that small amount.

Create calorie deficit using eggs

One sure shot way to cut down weight is to eat less than you burn. That’s the reason why calorie deficit is becoming a more popular way of losing weight. One egg contains a total of 74 calories but it’s very high in nutrients. Eggs make you feel full and you can cut down your overall calorie intake by including eggs in your diet.

How to eat eggs

While it is easy to eat eggs, a lot of people tend to ignore that just having plain eggs will not offer the kind of wholesome nutrition that you need. It is important to combine eggs with other nutrient dense foods – a source of fiber and fat. Most nutritionists recommend having a variety of vegetables along with your eggs to support your diet.

Use the right fat

Be cautious about the fat you add while preparing eggs. Avoid butter or refined oil as it will unnecessarily add unhealthy saturated fats to the meal. Instead use a teaspoon of ghee or healthy fat.

Top three preparations recommended are

Vegetable loaded egg muffins – They are quick and easy to prepare. Just chop vegetables of your choice and beat them with eggs and put in muffin mold. Put it in an oven and your healthy eggs are ready to eat.

Egg salad bowl – Prepare a salad with your choice of leaves and vegetables and add boiled eggs to it with a topping of olive oil and vinegar dressing.

Eggs with bell peppers – Cut whole bell peppers into round shapes and put it on a non stick pan and add eggs on top. Add salt and pepper and it is good to eat.