Samsung Message Guard stops zero-click attacks and for now is a Galaxy S23 exclusive

    Samsung Message Guard stops zero-click attacks and for now is a Galaxy S23 exclusive

    Samsung’s got a security trick up its sleeve for zero-click attacks, helping prevent malicious attacks that might come through messages.

    Samsung Galaxy S23 series handsets are now finally available for sale, and can be found at your local electronics stores and wireless carriers. Despite having amazing processors, cameras, and other features, there’s one other aspect of the new smartphones that might get overlooked. Samsung has shared its numerous innovations when it comes to its software, and this also expands to areas like security and safety features. The company has shared that the Galaxy S23 series will feature an added layer of protection with Samsung Message Guard.

    The firm shared that it had concerns with zero-click exploits and attacks that can come through messages. With Message Guard, the company is introducing a type of sandbox environment on its handsets so when messages arrive with images or videos attached, the media will be isolated, and scanned in order to detect any kind of malicious software that might also be attached. Since this is in a sandbox, the media never touches files found on the rest of the phone, keeping things independent and safe.

    Best of all, users don’t need to do anything in this scenario, the phone and Samsung’s Message Guard does all the heavy lifting, making it all feel seamless. Of course, this is just an additional layer of protection Samsung provides, in addition to its Knox platform, that has been found on a majority of its flagship handset for some years now. While Message Guard is currently exclusive to Galaxy S23 series devices, the firm did share that it will eventually roll out the feature to other Samsung’s handset and even tablets in the future.

    For now, Message Guard will only work with the Samsung Messages app, and with Messages by Google. Samsung intends to roll out a future update that will allow Message Guard to work with third-part apps as well.

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