Is it worth purchasing the new 50 car garage in GTA Online?

    Is it worth purchasing the new 50 car garage in GTA Online?

    The highly anticipated Los Santos Drug War drip-feed update has been added to GTA Online. Unsurprisingly, the new multi-floor 50 car garage has players rushing to build their mega car collection.

    That said, one must be prudent with their investments in the game. With all its promising features and attributes, is the Garage worth it? This article should help players get a fresh glimpse into the possibility of purchasing the 50 car garage on the iconic Eclipse Boulevard.

    Note: This article reflects the writer’s subjective opinion.

    Should GTA Online players invest money in the 50 car garage?

    There are various reasons for owning the 50 car garage in GTA Online.

    1) Artistic taste

    The five-floor car storage facility can hold 50 cars, with 10 on each. Coupled with that, the property comes with customizable decorative styling and unique amenities for each floor.

    The 50 car garage is perfect for showing off one’s artistic side. Paint jobs, modified parts, and classes of vehicles stored portray their true persona.

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    2) Social status

    Another primary motive that drives players to invest money in properties is the possibility of them being profitable. Since the 50 car garage is neither a business nor a housing asset, potential investors are drawn to its highly-driven social value.

    Like in the real world, GTA Online has many wealthy, elite players who prefer social prominence over wealth.

    Social status is determined by many factors in the game. The more cars and properties players have, the bigger their following is. This puts the exclusive 50 car garage at the top of the purchasable assets. One can invite friends, hang out, and enjoy a leisurely evening on every floor with distinct hangout spaces and other amenities like television, seating, and drinks.

    GTA Online players can even host parties in their garages and have a taste of the metaverse in the game.

    3) Accessibility

    Mainstream Grand Theft Auto Online players and veterans are all about efficiency and high-performance gameplay experience. This requires the incorporation of numerous resources during missions and events.

    With the 50 car garage, players have variable options for choosing the right vehicle at the right times. An assorted collection of cars will be able to optimize mission execution by reducing the need to set up vehicles.

    What players should consider before purchasing the garage

    The exclusive 50 car garage on Eclipse Boulevard can be purchased for $2,740,000. However, for GTA+ members, the property can be claimed free of cost until March 15, 2023.

    The total cost can go up to $3 million dollars, including the lighting expenditure on each floor, should players choose to customize it.

    Overall, the 50 car garage is one of the best investments for GTA Online players. Despite being expensive, it is an example of passion, fame, and wealth in the game.

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