GTA Online Street Dealers – A beginner’s guide to earning extra money

    GTA Online Street Dealers – A beginner’s guide to earning extra money

    The Los Santos Drug Wars drip feed has a new addition to the world of GTA Online, the Street Dealers random event. It was released on February 16, 2023, during Panthere Week in GTA Online and is the perfect opportunity for MC business owners to earn 1.5x cash in product sales.

    This guide will teach players how to interact with drug dealers on the street, drive more revenue, and incur bigger profits from selling products.

    How to play the Street Dealers random event in GTA Online?

    The Street Dealers random event is the newest addition to GTA Online, where players can sell products to dealers. It is an improvement over previous drug-selling delivery missions and can be completed quickly.

    Only players who own MC businesses, Nightclub techs, and Acid Lab can participate. The event features three drug dealers randomly spawning in various locations on the map, with their locations and prices changing every 24 hours.

    Four products can be exchanged for money:

    • 10 units of Weed
    • 2 units of Meth
    • 1 unit of Cocaine
    • 10 units of Acid
    You can sell what you’ve accrued in Nightclub Goods to Street Dealers.

    No need to resupply your individual MC Businesses, except for Acid product.

    W decision by Rockstar.

    Where can players find the Street Dealers?

    Purple chat bubble icon on the map (Image via TGG/YouTube)

    GTA Online players can find the drug dealers by going to the purple chat bubble icon, as seen in the above image. The icon denotes the location of the dealers.

    The location is randomized every 24 hours in the real world. The best way to find them is to travel around the map. The purple icon indicating the location of the drug dealers will appear on the minimap as soon as the player enters the vicinity.

    Details of the offered deals

    The prices of these products can be higher or lower than their usual trading prices, except for one Premium product that the dealer will offer to buy at double the price.

    Comparison of the lowest and highest trading prices for Acid (Image via TGG/YouTube)

    The example shown above displays the fluctuation in prices of Acid, with a low price of $1,425 and a high price of $1,555, compared to its regular price of $1,485.

    Among the four products in the GTA Online random event, the dealer chooses to buy one product at double the price. In the example shown above, Weed is the premium product marked with a golden star, which can be sold at twice the price.

    According to the YouTube channel Gtamen, the four products available for trade have the following chances of being a Premium product:

    • 35% for Acid
    • 30% for Weed
    • 20% for Meth
    • 15% for Cocaine

    The amount of products available for sale during the Street Dealers event remains constant, but the prices and premium label can vary. On average, players can make between $80,000 and $100,000 in profit per day from participating in this event and selling drugs.

    Locations of the dealers (February 16, 2023)

    1) Cypress Flats

    The first location of one of the three dealers is Cypress Flats. This specific dealer can be found behind Raven Slaughterhouse, across the tracks and near a silver-colored warehouse door.

    2) Grand Senora Desert

    The second dealer can be found inside a trailer outside Thomson Scrapyard in the magnificent Grand Senora Desert. A female drug dealer will be visible inside, and she will be wearing a bandana and goggles.

    3) Harmony

    The final Street Dealer will be found outside a house, north of the corner of Route 68 approach and Joshua Road. He will be wearing a vest and jeans.

    Rewards awaiting players

    Camo Roses Slab Cap, Denim Jacket, and Canvas Shoes (Image via Rockstar Games)

    Apart from the 1.5x earnings, players participating in the Street Dealers random event will also receive special clothing and accessories as rewards for their criminal activities. In the Street Dealers random event, they can unlock three types of items by selling drugs:

    • Selling to a drug dealer unlocks the Camo Roses Slab Denim jacket.
    • Selling drugs for three separate days unlocks the Budonk-adonk! tattoo.
    • Selling drugs for seven separate days unlocks the Painted Tiger mask.

    These challenges must be completed by March 1 to unlock these items. All the rewards will be delivered to the players’ wardrobes by March 10.

    The recently added Street Dealers random event has the potential to increase the profitability of MC businesses in GTA Online. It remains to be seen how much of an impact this update to the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC will have on players’ ability to generate revenue.

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