Can you change and switch houses in Hogwarts Legacy after the sorting ceremony?

    Can you change and switch houses in Hogwarts Legacy after the sorting ceremony?

    Hogwarts Legacy comes with the Legacy House sorting system, which determines which house the player will belong to. Each of these houses comes with its common room in the games, containing its secrets, chests, and some exclusive quests and side content.

    Hence, this has led many in the Wizarding World community to be curious about some of the things they can do in the game. One of the more popular questions amongst fans is whether they can switch between houses once the sorting ceremony is done in the game.

    Unfortunately, there is no way that players will be able to switch between houses or change houses in Hogwarts Legacy once the school year officially begins in the game. If players want to try the game out from a student’s perspective from a different house, they will be required to go for a new game and select a different house during the Sorting Ceremony.

    Players will not be allowed to switch houses in Hogwarts Legacy

    It’s quite unfortunate that players will not be able to enjoy Avalanche Software’s RPG from the perspective of a student of different houses once they have picked a Common Room during the Sorting Hat Ceremony.

    Additionally, after picking a house, players will also not be able to visit the common rooms of other houses. Even if they manage to make their way to the dormitory door, no command prompt will help them make their way in.

    The only way to enjoy the game as the student of another house will be through a new game, where players will once again have to go through the entire Sorting Ceremony and pick a different house.

    Multiple playthroughs will be necessary for those who are looking to Platinum the game and unlock all the trophies and achievements that it has to offer.

    The lack of a New Game Plus mode is also something that many feel Hogwarts Legacy needs. New Game will not let players transfer all the skills and items they collected from the previous run to the new one.

    Hence, another New Game run will start from scratch, and players will have to unlock all their skills, abilities, and spells by completing the various school assignments and taking part in all the side quests and objectives.

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