Farzi Twitter reactions: Fans love Shahid and that Family Man character’s cameo | Bollywood

    Farzi Twitter reactions: Fans love Shahid and that Family Man character’s cameo | Bollywood

    Shahid Kapoor could not have asked for a better reception to this OTT debut. Farzi, created by Raj and DK and released on Prime Video, has been getting positive reviews on social media. Many took to Twitter to praise Shahid, Vijay Sethupathi and even that popular spy from Raj and DK’s other Prime Video hit, The Family Man.

    Spoilers for Farzi ahead:

    Farzi stars Shahid Kapoor as Sandeep, a talented painter who start making counterfeit money to save his grandfather’s magazine business. However, he soon begins to dive deep into the criminal life, unable to shake off the luxuries that it brings. On his heels is Vijay Sethupathi’s cop Michael, who is waging a war against fake currency in India.

    Fans have been sharing their reviews of the show on Twitter with many calling it the perfect debut for Shahid. “#Farzi – once again @rajndk comes with solid content@shahidkapoor Just nailed it with his performance another side @VijaySethuOffl as usual theri Like @Dir_Lokesh, Raj & DK also created their own universe,” read a tweet. “#Farzi has been watched! At heart, it’s a tale of ambition; that of an underdog who dares to hustle, but ultimately gets sucked into the dark web of organised criminality. Nobody. I repeat, NOBODY could’ve essayed Sunny as effortlessly as @shahidkapoor. Full power,” read another tweet. A fan also shared Shahid’s scene in which he talks about the middle class’ fight with loans. “Dear @shahidkapoor You were too good in #Farzi with a special mention to this scene. The way u have explained the Plight of the middle class man will surely connect with everyone. @rajndk this one is clear winner. Kudos to the entire cast.”

    The show also brought back multiple characters from The Family Man. First it was Inspector Shinde that Rashi Khanna’s Megha takes along on her raids of printing presses; and later Chellam Sir also makes a short cameo. Manoj Bajpayee’s Srikanth also speaks with Michael over the photo in his usual no-nonsense style. After all these appearances, fans are hoping Michael would also make an appearance in Family Man season 3.

    “Connected universe aa,” wrote a fan. “Chellam sir supremacy,” wrote another. A fan also found similarities between Farzi and Breaking Bad. “First two episodes of #Farzi seems like India’s attempt to #BreakingBad. And I’m loving it,” read the tweet.

    A tweet reviewed, “#Farzi is another winner by #RajDK Wished for more seamless action set pieces like Family Man but their self aware & zany touch just makes for such an entertaining watch. #ShahidKapoor is understated & effective but #VijaySethupathi Kay Kay & Zakir ARE HILARIOUS. WATCH IT.”

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