Aaftab gifted perfume, ring to woman whom he dated next; ‘Seemed caring’ | Latest News India

    Aaftab gifted perfume, ring to woman whom he dated next; ‘Seemed caring’ | Latest News India

    The woman who came in contact with Aaftab Amin Poonawala after Aaftab murdered Shraddha is going through counselling as she is in a complete state of shock over how things unfolded in the past few days. She was called by the Delhi Police for questioning and according to the police, as reported by news agency ANI, she never doubted anything about Aaftab. In fact, Aaftab came across as absolutely normal and a very caring person, the woman told the police. A psychiatrist by profession, she told the police that Aaftab never seemed scared either.

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    The psychiatrist came in touch with Aaftab on a dating platform and visited the Chhatarpur flat where Aaftab strangled Shraddha twice in October. She had no clue about the body parts of Shraddha Walkar being there in the freezer, as claimed by Aaftab.

    In her statement, the psychiatrist made some revelations about Aaftab and the nature of the conversation that the duo had.

    1. Aaftab gifted her a fancy, artificial ring on October 12. According to some reports, the ring belonged to Shraddha which Aaftab took out while he was chopping her body.

    2. Apart from the ring, Aaftab gifted her many perfumes from his own collection. He had a collection of deodorants and perfumes.

    3. Aaftab never looked scared. His behaviour did not come across as not normal.

    4. The psychiatrist described Aaftab as “very caring”, as reported by ANI.

    5. Aaftab used to talk about his Mumbai home, the psychiatrist informed the police.

    6. Aaftab used to smoke a lot of cigarettes and used to roll his cigarette himself, the woman informed the police. He used to talk about quitting smoking as well.

    7. Aaftab was fond of different types of food and used to order non-veg items from different restaurants at home.

    What Delhi Police found new in the Shraddha murder case

    The psychiatrist is not the first woman with whom Aaftab got in touch after Shraddha’s murder in May. A girl came in contact with Aaftab on May 30, 12 days after Shraddha’s murder. Aaftab was in contact with about 15 to 20 girls through different dating sites.

    Aaftab’s WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Google Pay, Paytm details are being accessed by the police. The records of the food ordering app Zomato showed Aaftab was ordering food for two people before. The quantity went down after Shraddha’s murder.

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