What Is Fatty Liver? Know All About The Effective Yoga Exercises To Help With This

    What Is Fatty Liver? Know All About The Effective Yoga Exercises To Help With This

    New Delhi: The liver is our body’s second-largest organ. It aids in the digestion of nutrients from food and beverages and cleanses our blood of dangerous toxins. Now, fatty liver, sometimes referred to as hepatic steatosis, occurs when too much fat accumulates in the liver. Inflammation of the liver brought on by an excessive amount of fat can harm the liver and leave scarring. This scarring can, in extreme circumstances, cause liver failure.

    Causes of Fatty Liver:

    One or more of the following factors may play a role in people who don’t consume much alcohol and develop fatty liver disease:

    • Obesity
    • Type 2 diabetes
    • Insulin resistance
    • High levels of fat, especially triglycerides, in the blood
    • Metabolic syndrome

    Other potential causes of fatty liver include:

    • Pregnancy
    • Side effects from some types of medications
    • Some types of infections, such as hepatitis C
    • Certain rare genetic conditions

    In addition to medicines and a proper diet plan, yoga is also beneficial to cure fatty liver. It can also assist to enhance liver health, lower the risk of liver disease, and reduce the symptoms of fatty liver. It may also detoxify your liver after sorting toxins. The majority of treatment options will only focus on treating your liver. But in addition to helping your fatty liver, yoga has numerous other physical and psychological advantages. 

    Here are a few asanas that can be tried if you are suffering from fatty liver:

    1. Cobra Pose – Bhujangasana

    Your stomach organs, cardiovascular system, and central nervous system all benefit greatly from the cobra stance. Cobra posture will help to relieve fatty liver by enhancing hormonal, metabolic, and insulin activity for a short period of time throughout one full stretch.

    • Lie on the front of your body.
    • Place your hands by the sides of your chest.
    • Press against the floor and arch up your body.
    • Keep arching till you can look straight Infront, straighten your hands and your chest is facing the front.
    • Keep your shoulders pressed down.
    • Keep the arch in your spine even, use your abdominal muscles to guide the spinal arch.
    • Ensure that your pelvis is not lifted off the floor.
    • Hold the pose for 5-7 breaths.

    2. Boat Pose – Naukasana

    The Naukasana exercise also helps your liver by supporting its detoxification process. Additionally useful for eliminating dangerous pollutants, this pose is where the body is formed like a boat. It is crucial for liver health.

    • For the practice of this asana, lie down in the posture of Savasana or lie flat on your back.
    • Slowly join the heel and claws, and close both your hands at the waist.
    • Keep the palm and neck straight on the ground. Now raise both your legs as well as your neck and hands.
    • In this process put the entire weight of your body on your hips.
    • After remaining in this state for about 30 seconds, the gradual return to the state of Savasana.

    3. Plough Pose – Halasana

    A Plough stance will assist you in reducing fatigue, enhancing metabolism, and improving blood circulation. This pose also supports your liver to aid its detoxification functions. Additionally, it improves cardiovascular functions, which are crucial for the functioning of your liver.

    • Lie supine and keep your legs joined.
    • Raise your body and legs upward, into an inverted upright posture. 
    • Get into a shoulder stand by balancing the inverted posture on your shoulders.
    • Support your hips with your hands, bend your legs from your hips and bring them down slowly over your head.
    • Bring your legs down all the way, so you can touch the floor above your head with your toes.
    • Breathe steadily and hold the pose for 5-7 breaths.

    4. Pranayam Techniques For Fatty Liver:

    Yoga positions and pranayama breathing techniques can both help to treat liver issues.  Effective pranayama for preventing depression, stress, and anxiety include Kapalbhati and Bhastrika. In addition, individuals who have liver cirrhosis, jaundice, hepatitis, and other disorders can benefit from these by improving their liver health.

    Overall Benefits Of Yoga For The Liver:

    1. Facilitates lipid metabolism

    2. Promotes insulin production

    3. Helps to improve hormonal functions

    4. Enhances the production of liver enzymes

    5. Helps liver with filtration process




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