Sioux Falls community celebrates Small Business Saturday

    Sioux Falls community celebrates Small Business Saturday

    SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -Business owners throughout Sioux Falls were eager to open their doors today to celebrate Small Business Saturday.

    Each year, shoppers head out to look of the best deals during Black Friday and Cyber Monday but in between those two, many shoppers take time to help support the smaller scale shops in their community.

    This means a lot to local family-owned businesses like The Spice & Tea Exchange of Sioux Falls.

    “This day, Small Business Saturday traditionally has even our biggest day of business. Black Friday is the second biggest day of business for us so these are important days,” said Vernon Brown, The Spice & Tea Exchange of Sioux Falls co-owner.

    This year inflation has been a challenge.

    “We’ve seen labor costs go up twenty percent. Costs of good have gone up significantly all over the board in everything we sell,” said Brown.

    Co-owner of MK Threads Boutique, Kelly Grovijahn says supporting these local businesses helps to give back to those in the community.

    “We’re the ones that give back to your sports teams, we’re the ones that give back to your high schools, and grade schools and we’re the ones that keep the money rolling in the same community instead of it going out of state,” said Kelly Grovijahn. MK Threads Boutique co-owner.

    Both owners saying many people showed up today, to show their appreciation for small businesses.

    “They’re more purposeful of their spending and I think that means that they are shopping local, they are giving to the small business. They know that we need their support and they’re right there to support us,” said Grovijahn.

    Business owners were thankful for all of the excitement and support.

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