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When Raj Kapoor was mad at Rishi Kapoor for not getting the ‘Dilip Kumar look’ he wanted – Times of India

When anyone talks about Dilip Kumar, we are immediately reminded of Dev Anand and Raj Kapoor. This trio, known as ‘the golden trio’, was three of the best actors Hindi cinema has ever seen. They will continue to inspire actors for many generations. Now, as Dilip Kumar has left for heavenly abode stories on the golden trio flood social media.

One such story is about Raj Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor and Dilip Kumar. Rishi Kapoor was once scolded by Raj Kapoor as he couldn’t give the exact expression of a despondent lover that Dilip Kumar used to give. It happened when the 1982 movie Prem Rog, directed by Raj, was being filmed. Raj Kapoor shouted ‘mujhe Yousuf chahiye (I want Yousuf)’. Incidentally, Dilip was born as Mohammed Yousuf Khan. He wanted the look in Rishi’s eyes when he expresses love, his intensity and his realism.

The entire unit was surprised to see Raj Kapoor was talking about his professional rival Dilip Ku-mar. Rishi also said this was the ultimate acknowledgment of the actor-director Raj Kapoor for Dilip Kumar’s unmatched ability to portray love with all its agony and ecstasy. The late actor said it was possible only because they had that kind of genuine respect and love for each other.

Dilip Kumar passed away at a Mumbai hospital on Wednesday at the age of 98. Later in the evening, he was laid to rest with full state honours at the Juhu Qabrastan in Santacruz Mumbai.

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