Suzuki Jimny SUV Modified Into ‘Dutton Surf’ Amphibious Boat Can Take You Anywhere

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Suzuki Jimny Dutton Surf Amphibious SUV costs approximately $12,190. A vehicle that can take you on the road and on the water without towing a boat around, seems to be a value for money proposition.

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Dutton offers a conversion kit for the Suzuki Jimny for modifying it into Amphibious SUV

The Suzuki Jimny off-roader SUV is one of the popular products from the Japanese automobile manufacturer in its home market. And, the demand for the SUV globally is so high that there’s a waiting period of around 1.5 years. The Suzuki Jimny SUV can go anywhere, be it on-road or off-road, or even on water. Well, you heard that right! This is possible with the boat version of the Suzuki Jimny, which has been presented in great detail by Carfection in the YouTube video. The 11-minute video highlights the abilities of the amphibious vehicle that lets the driver take the vehicle literally anywhere, even on water.

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Suzuki Jimny converted into an Amphibious boat by Tim Dutton

Suzuki Jimny ‘Dutton Surf’ Amphibious SUV is not based on the current-gen Jimny SUV but is available as a conversion kit or as the ready-to-be-driven vehicle. The amphibious vehicle employs mechanical parts from the European-spec Jimny. Dutton has replaced the original shell of the Jimny with a lot of plastic and stainless steel parts, making it resistant to corrosion. Dutton has added a water jet propulsion system similar to what we see on a personal watercraft. This particular setup avoids propeller from getting damaged. The steering wheel still controls the vehicle’s direction on the water, just like on the road.

The process of switching the four-wheel-drive to operating the jet seems easy on paper, but it requires an ample amount of experience and practice to get a hang of the same. An operator essentially pushes in the clutch and moves the levers. Once the amphibious vehicle is in the water, the power is controlled by the throttle pedal. So captaining this boat is very much like driving it down the street.


Suzuki Jimny ‘Dutton Surf’ Amphibious SUV employs plastic & stainless steel parts to avoid corrosion

Dutton offers all the parts of the Amphibious SUV for performing the conversion as a kit. Also, interested customers can contact the company for building the vehicle.

Suzuki Jimny ‘Dutton Surf’ Amphibious SUV is small and agile making it capable in the water. The company founder, Tim Dutton, has successfully completed two journeys on this amphibious SUV across the English Channel. It took him around six hours to complete the trip.


Suzuki Jimny ‘Dutton Surf’ Amphibious SUV costs around £10,000


As per the Carfection video, the Dutton Surf costs approximately £10,000 which is around $12,190. An amphibious vehicle at this price point that can take you on the road as well as on the water without towing a boat around, it seems to be complete value for money proposition.

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