Study: Women Find Men Who Have Had Plastic Surgery More Trustworthy


Can plastic surgery improve more than just your appearance? According to a recent study, the answer is “yes.” Improving your appearance with surgical tweaks may affect how others perceive your character.

Researchers at Georgetown University asked women to look at “before” and “after” photos of 24 men who underwent plastic surgery. According to MSN, the women found that men who had common cosmetic procedures appeared to be more likeable and trustworthy.

The participants were asked to rate the personality traits like aggressiveness, extroversion, risk-seeking, trustworthiness, attractiveness, and masculinity for each of the men in photos they were shown.

The results revealed that men with upper eyelid procedures, for example, were perceived to have traits of more likeability and trustworthiness. Those who had brow lifts were associated with extroversion and risk-taking. Men who had facelifts, reduction of lower eyelid and upper eyelid-lift were perceived to be more attractive by the women.

“It’s really interesting that different anatomic areas of the face have varying degrees of contribution to overall personality perception,” said lead researcher Michael Reilly. “And it’s noteworthy that the study did not find a significant change in masculinity. Just one procedure, a neck-lift, was found to enhance that trait.”

“I’m not surprised at the results of this study,” Dr. Anthony Youn, a noted celebrity cosmetic surgeon tells Newsmax. “I have seen this sort of thing in my practice. Certain facial features can convey things we may not want them to. For example, a permafrown — which unfortunately runs in my family — can make a male look grumpy and unapproachable. This can be significantly remedied with fillers and Botox.

“Droopy eyelids can make a person look older and tired; therefore, a blepharoplasty can make the same person look more alert and vibrant.

“The cosmetic surgeries we’re performing on men are now becoming more and more discreet, with less visible scars and quicker downtime. I suspect that the number of men undergoing cosmetic tweaks will continue to rise.”

A recent report found that more men are taking advantage of the same plastic surgery procedures that have been associated with women. The midlife decision by men to resort to surgical rejuvenation has been nicknamed the “Daddy-Do-Over” in deference to the term “Mommy Makeover.”

“Men are embracing the idea of surgery more than before,” says Dr. Alan Matarasso, president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). “Men don’t go through the same physical changes that women experience during pregnancy and post-pregnancy but their lifestyle does change, which can impact their appearance,” the expert explained.

“Diet and exercise patterns fluctuate, and they don’t sleep as much,” Matarasso added. “Men notice their body changes due to aging and parenting, and it starts to look completely different in their 30s and 40s. That is the point of a Daddy-Do-Over.”According to the ASPS, more than one million men had cosmetic surgery in 2018, a 29% increase since the year 2000.

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