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The beauty of a small city is that, while it gives you a smaller canvas to paint as compared to what you could find in a metropolitan, it lets you take a qualitative approach towards your aspirations. The need for progress is just as immense as the hunger to succeed is, but all you have to do is persist with being a class above in everything you do. In a city like Indore, for example, which is a prosperous, industrious town with a great social fabric and rapidly growing infrastructure, what you drive makes a big impact on the trajectory of your life. The Honda Amaze is surely a suitable answer to this need.

Nothing not to love about Indore – it’s a small city with a big heart, much like the Amaze is among sedans!

Among the most densely populated cities in India, with roughly over 35 lakh residents inhabiting the city and its annexures, Indore is a busy confluence of old world charm with all the visual signatures of progress; tall structures with glass facades, sweeping flyovers, modern cafes – you name it! Its rapid expansion has, however, outpaced the growth of its public transport network, which means a large portion of its 35 lakh residents find themselves jostling for room on the road on most weekdays. This, naturally, makes driving here a bit challenging – more so, if you aren’t from these parts. It’s here that the Amaze gave us the first glimpse of why it’s so amaze-ing. With its smooth 90PS, 1.2-litre i-VTEC engine and that fabulously crisp 5-speed manual gearbox, the Amaze has a refreshing energy and refinement to it that you would normally expect from something a class above.

This comes in handy if you’re a regular on Indore’s busy streets, and especially so if you enjoy a drive out with your family on the one day of the week you can take a break from your career’s endeavours. That sort of day must, obviously, begin with a hearty breakfast, of which Indore certainly isn’t in short supply of. But where does an Indorie grab that all-important bite? Sure, there’s an endless array of options to dig into the famously traditional poha, but the new generation wants to keep with the times. Cafe Eyry, in the heart of Indore, is a great place to begin. Everything, from an espresso to a pizza and even Thai and Indian fare is served in this beautiful, sprawling diner set within a 1950s bungalow; and whether you choose to find a nook in its indoor dining area which also serves as a co-working space, or on its surreal outdoor lawn, you sure are in for a treat. With the trendy Amaze fitting in perfectly with this buzzing hotspot, breakfast surely was a memorable affair.

The Amaze’s well-appointed cabin packs in a host of features.

Our next stop was the ancient fortress town of Mandu, which is roughly 90km from Indore and is hugely popular among the locals for a daytrip. The roads leading you out of Indore are mostly in exceptional shape, and even the bits that aren’t were certainly no cause for concern in the Amaze, which offers an impressively plush ride. Thanks to a well-appointed cabin, with the dual-tone treatment really adding flair to its modern layout, your family of four can be seated comfortably as you gobble up the miles. With the latest in connectivity (including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto) and safety, the Amaze makes for a great weekend getaway experience. However, what helps even more is its generous boot, which means you don’t have to pack light!

Thanks to its sprightly performance and clever dimensions, snaking up Mandu’s breathtaking hilly roads was no trouble at all. Driving through its tight arches and up the handful of hairpins was surely an indulgence and the Amaze certainly made for some stunning photographs, set contrastingly against Mandu’s many monuments. It’s an absolutely spectacular place that you must visit. However, what sets it apart is that, unlike most other towns that are centered around one monument, Mandu is literally filled with monuments scattered around a stunning rocky outcrop. For a brief while, we parked the Amaze and wandered into the marvels of architecture that the Jahaz Mahal, Hoshang Shah’s tomb and the beautifully idyllic Hathi Mahal are. Being a Sunday, the monuments were expectedly crowded, especially since the monsoon turns an otherwise dry and hot Mandu into a really pleasant hill station of sorts. However, unlike most others around us, we weren’t quite weary after all the walking, given that we had the drive back to Indore in the Amaze to look forward to! It definitely made a bold and smart impression as we exited the last of the monuments we visited, with an inviting look on its elegantly chromed face.

With its stylish and elegant design, the Amaze makes a strong impression set against Mandu’s surreal monuments.

The drive back to Indore didn’t, thankfully, require a break in momentum – to refuel, that is – because the Amaze is amply fuel-efficient, with a comfortable range that makes light work of round trips such as these. In fact, as we realised at the end of the day, we still had well over half-a-tank of petrol remaining, which is understandably quite an asset! Oh, and it certainly helps if you enjoy being behind the wheel, because the roads here are brilliant and the Amaze makes for a truly enjoyable drive, you’ll fall in love within an instant! Our journey to Indore was certainly an engaging one, while still being very relaxing.

Arriving absolutely refreshed in Indore could only mean one thing – it was time to hit the streets again, for a round of street food! Indore has an enviable assortment of street food on offer, with an entire street (now converted to a swanky plaza) dedicated to it, known as ‘56 Dukaan’, which translates to 56 shops. Each of these eateries offer a unique, appetising course of sweets, savouries and other delectable delights that you just can’t get enough of. Of all of the day’s activities, it was this that turned out to be a truly tiring affair!

Indore’s 56 Dukaan is a fundamental street food avenue.

An action-packed, long day such as this one would usually leave you craving another day off. But, thanks to how refreshing the Amaze made all the driving we did, we were, in fact, left surprisingly charged up for the Monday that was to follow! If what you drive really makes a big impact on the way your life progresses, we’re glad we picked the Amaze. It’s compact and within a very attainable class of cars, but it’s got a very big heart and never fails to put a smile on your face. Sounds just like Indore, then, doesn’t it?

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