So ‘Apple’ deliberately slumps the old iPhone!

If your iPhone is outdated and slows down, then note that Apple company is knowingly doing it.
New York: There are many reasons for old smartphones being slow. However, the Apple iPhone has revealed the reason for the old iPhone slough. The company had created the software for the operating system to Slowdown the iPhone. If your iPhone is outdated and slows down, then consider that the Apple company is knowingly doing it. The performance of the old iPhone is reduced to increase the life. This includes iPhone 7, 6, 6s, SE.
‘Our goal is to give iPhone users the best experience. This includes Overall Performance and Devices Life. Lithium-Ion Batteries decrease peak current in cold weather. Charging also decreases when the battery is old. So, the device starts shutting down for mobile security. ‘ The Apple told ‘Tech Crunch’.
‘Because of the low battery capacity, the iPhone is slow and it also affects its performance. ‘ According to a report on Geekbenz, which is popular in the smartphone market, it is said in the report.
Many users accuse the iPhone’s performance slow down after the launch of the new version of the iPhone. Many people say that Apple is deliberately trying to get people to tear off a new iPhone.

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