Samsung Trademarks Nine New Smartphone Names for Galaxy A Series: Report


Samsung has filed trademark applications for names of nine smartphones in the Galaxy A series. The names include Samsung Galaxy A12, Samsung Galaxy A22, Samsung Galaxy A32, Samsung Galaxy A42, Samsung Galaxy A52, Samsung Galaxy A62, Samsung Galaxy A72, Samsung Galaxy A82, and Samsung Galaxy A92. Samsung has already launched a bunch of new Galaxy A series phones, including the Galaxy A51 and the Galaxy A71 for this year, so we can expect these phones to start launching from later this year, as these phones will likely be for the 2021 Galaxy A series.

A tipster on Twitter going by the screenname @_the_tech_guy has shared that the above mentioned nine phones have been trademarked in South Korea. There’s no other information that the certification images show, apart from the names of the upcoming Galaxy A-series phones. To recall, Samsung revamped its Galaxy A-series last year to introduce phones in varied price ranges. The company discontinued the Galaxy J series and Galaxy On series, and even introduced the Galaxy M-series to please the online shoppers.

Samsung launched several phones in the new Galaxy A series last year, and these were given names like Galaxy A30, Galaxy A50, and Galaxy A70. For this year, the company has already introduced the Samsung Galaxy A51 and Samsung Galaxy A71 phones, and it is very likely to launch many more in the coming months. Samsung is looking to keep with the trend of releasing several phones in the Galaxy A series, and has trademarked as many as nine phones in South Korea for 2021 as well. These phones are expected to all be priced at varied ranges, with the Galaxy A12 being the cheapest, and the Galaxy A92 being the most expensive of the lot. As mentioned, not a lot is known about these phones as of yet.

At CES, which begins in a few days, the company is expected to launch the Galaxy Note 10 Lite and the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite phones. Samsung is also gearing up to launch its next-gen flagship in the Galaxy S series in February. While the phone was rumoured to be called the Galaxy S11 earlier, recent reports suggest that it may be called the Galaxy S20.

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