Rynox Air GT gloves review

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The last five gloves we’ve reviewed in this section have been high-end gloves that cost nearly 10 percent of the price of an average motorcycle in India, if not more. We can’t recommend those premium gloves enough, because there shouldn’t be a price attached to safety. That being said, it’s not easy for everyone to shell-out that kind of money, and moreover, not everyone wants heavy-duty, track-biased levels of protection. If you feel that way, this glove from Rynox should be right up your street.

At Rs 2,450, these are one of the most affordable leather gloves I’ve come across from a trusted brand. Despite the price tag, the quality of the goat leather used is really impressive. It’s soft right out of the box and doesn’t require breaking in. The leather is perforated as well; something you’ll be really thankful for in a tropical weather condition like ours. They obviously aren’t as light and venting as flimsy cloth gloves, but I stopped noticing the weight difference within a week.

These Rynox gloves have a single closure at the wrist and feels adequately secure. The Air GTs are also very quick and easy to put on, which is great for commuting, but the same can’t be said about taking them off. You see, the Velcro wrist strap is very thin and there is no extendable tab, which makes it hard to get a grip when you have a glove on your other hand.


Foam inserts provide light protection for the scaphoid region.

As for safety, the gloves have TPU armour for the knuckles and foam inserts to protect the scaphoid region and fingers. There’s also a double layer of leather at the base of the fingers, which is a typically high-use area where the glove grips the handlebar. Rynox is also claims that the Air GT is CE certified to standard EN13594:2015. What this means is that the gloves have been tested for impact resistance, abrasion resistance, slide time, cut resistance, tear strength, and seam strength.

The Rynox Air GT are in their element from one city traffic light to another, where the speeds aren’t high enough to cause too much trouble. If you are considering riding out on the weekends though, we recommend more comprehensive and safer gloves.

Where: www.rynoxgears.com 
Price: Rs 2,450

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