Read five villain-packed pages of Mark Waid and Dan Mora’s Batman/Superman teamup comic


Mark Waid returns to the world of Superman (and Batman) in March, but first he and artist Dan Mora (Detective Comics) are staking a claim in Batman’s own Detective Comics. Starting on Jan. 25, the two will take over the title’s backup feature with a prelude to their own run on Batman/Superman.

Waid and Mora set their tale in a more colorful past of Batman and Superman — a time when Robin was still around and Superman’s secret identity was still a secret. After a vicious attack by the kryptonite-powered villain Metallo, Batman has to seek out the help of some unlikely allies … the DC Universe’s biggest team of weirdos, the Doom Patrol. But that’s all in the pages of Batman/Superman.

The Detective Comics pages below, courtesy of DC Comics, find the trio of Batman, Superman, and Robin up against a very different foe: Poison Ivy. It must be nice for her plants to get some sun for once.

This prelude to Waid and Mora’s Batman/Superman will kick off in Detective Comics with issue #1050. Batman/Superman #1 hits comics shelves on March 15.

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