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April 18 is a very special day for Suri Cruise — her birthday! This year, she turns 14, and we’re looking back at her transformation from a little kid to a mature teenager.

Suri Cruise is 14! Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s daughter has literally grown up before our eyes over the years. She’s been photographed out and about since she was just a baby, and has developed into quite the stunning and mature young adult. Suri is Katie’s mini-me, and the actress always dressed her SO cute when she was younger. Now that Suri is a teenager, she’s developed her own unique sense of style, and is always dressed to impress. In honor of her birthday, we’re looking back at some of our favorite looks of hers from over the years.

One of Suri’s most standout outfits was the one that matched her mom, Katie, during an appearance they made together. Suri wore a black blouse with white designs while Katie wore her own solid black outfit. The two posed for photos while hugging each other when they wore the outfits. Another time Suri looked similar to her mom was when she wore an amazing light blue dress with pink flowers at the American Ballet Theater Spring Gala.

Suri continued showing off her amazing looks when she showed up to an iHeartRadio concert event in a beautiful black flared out dress with silver stars. She also got attention when she wore a light pink cardigan over a dark pink dress with blue stripes at one event and a big cozy black coat during another outing. Suri also kept warm in a stylish brown, black and light blue shawl over turquoise pants and tan boots and another time, kept cool in a black short-sleeved dress with teal tights.

suri cruise
suri cruise

Suri’s fashionable outfits didn’t stop there either. Some of our other favorites of hers include the pink sheer dress she wore with a white cardigan, the white dress with blue stars, the pink cardigan with the adorable purple ruffled skirt, her black and white sailor dress, and finally, her short-sleeved white dress that proved she was ready for warm weather.

With all these incredible fashion choices in her young years, we can’t wait to see what kind of outfits Suri’s teen years will continue to bring! Click through the gallery above to check out how much Suri has grown up over the years.

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