Okinawa Cruiser maxi-scooter teaser revealed; to be revealed at the 2020 Auto Expo


23rd Jan 2020 5:51 pm

The Cruiser also doesn’t appear to have a flat footboard like every other scooter in India and it has a section in the middle that could most likely house the battery pack.

Okinawa has sent out a teaser image for a model that might take centre stage at its stand at the 2020 Auto Expo. It’s called the Cruiser and it has a conventional maxi-scooter silhouette. This will most certainly be an electric scooter and could very well be the most premium offering in the company’s line-up.

While the teaser image doesn’t reveal the placement for the feet, the scooter’s name, large seat and position of the handlebar leads us to believe that it will have forward-set foot rests. This will give riders the ability to enjoy the maxi-scooter experience, at least when it comes to the riding position. The Cruiser also doesn’t appear to have a flat footboard like every other scooter in India. The section in the middle will most likely house the battery pack.

If this is the approach Okinawa has taken, then it’ll enable the brand to provide a decent amount of underseat storage space – maybe even the best we’ve seen so far on a scooter – but only time will tell. While the scooter does look like a proper maxi-scooter in the teaser, we do hope it has the performance to match.

Maxi-scooters are generally associated with high-speed, long-distance cruising and that’s something no Okinawa product can achieve as of now. If Okinawa does manage to turn things around, in terms of performance and range, this could indeed be a competent e-scooter.

While it does appear as a rival or an electric alternative to the Suzuki Burgman Street in the image, we wouldn’t go so far as to call it that until we have the specifications.

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