Mega block on Harbour line From Panvel To Belapur!

Navi Mumbai: The new Nerul Uran road will be started on Harbor Road. A 72 Hours Megablock will be taken by Central Railway for connecting this route with Nerul and Belapur.
Today there will be a mega block from midnight to 25th. In these 3 days, the trains will be running from CST to Nerul route. However, the Nerul-Panvel train service will be completely closed for 3 days.
Navi Mumbai Transport Service has decided to release 30 additional buses on this route to avoid harassing passengers due to this mega block.
The Nerul will run between Belapur, Kharghar and Panvel. Meanwhile, there is a possibility of a major disadvantage due to the passengers going to Belapur, Because the number of people traveling from Kharghar, Mansarovar, Khandeshwar and Panvel in Belapur is bigger. So passengers will have to suffer due to the closure of Nerul to Panvel train completely.

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