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It’s a sight many fans ‘never’ thought they’d witness: Ashton Kutcher lifting multiple members of BTS during a wild game of hide and seek. Ashton even startled one member so bad, the video is now making its rounds on Twitter!

James Corden, 41, may have just pulled off the most wild episode of The Late Late Show ever. The talk show host, Ashton Kutcher, 41, and all seven members of BTS came together at the end of the Jan. 28 episode to play a game of hide and seek. James and Ashton did the seeking, and BTS did the hiding. Apparently, the game is an off-camera tradition on James’ set, but he decided to roll the cameras: what commenced was something we’re still processing, like many Twitter fans.

Whoever found four BTS members first would win, but the challenge was harder than it sounds — the K-pop group found some pretty sneaky places to hide in. Suga, 26, and Jungkook, 22, mastered the art of camouflage by pretending to be a fake control room worker and camera operator, much to fans’ amusement. But what really got Twitter talking was the moment Ashton stumbled upon Jimin, 24 and Seokjin, 27.

Ashton picked Jimin up off his feet — literally — after dragging him out from under James’ desk, and carried him all the way to his designated chair. Meanwhile, Ashton SLUNG Seokjin over his shoulders after giving the singer the fright of his life in a photo booth. Seokjin was in the middle of snapping a selfie, but at least he managed to grab the printed picture before Ashton hauled him off to the main stage. Despite Ashton’s efforts, he still ended up losing to James.

The Army is still reeling over in laughter and shock after Tuesday night’s show. “I can’t believe ashton kutcher carried seokjin like a fireman,” one fan tweeted, while another fan tweeted, “I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD SEE ASHTON KUTCHER PICK UP JIMIN, THROW JIN OVER HIS SHOULDER, AND JAMES CORDEN HOLD HANDS WITH TAEHYUNG AND YOONGI.” Other fans marveled at the fact that BTS is not just comprised of superstar performers, but apparently, master hiders as well. “They’re so smart i’m??? jungkook hid in plain sight as a camera man, yoongi and tae pretended to be part of the production team, jimin used his tiny powers to fit under the desk, namjoon and hobi VANISHED and seokjin hid behind a curtain sitting💅🏻 the brain power,” one such fan wrote.

The Jan. 28 episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden really was a treat for the BTS Army. In addition to the game of hide and seek, BTS performed its first televised performance of “Black Swan” — barefoot! — and the group even talked about its upcoming album, Map of the Soul: 7. “The title is seven. It’s been seven years since our [debut]. So seven is like a really special number for us,” RM explained to James during the interview portion. We can’t wait — just don’t hide too many details about this record!

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