Dinner With Friends & Family | Swift On Fire | Car Burning!

Dinner With Friends & Family | Swift On Fire | Car Burning!

Yesterday sunday evening one of my old friends invited me and my wife over dinner to Mulund, I started journey from Kamothe, Navi Mumbai by taking JNPT road I reached first to Ulwe to pickup my wife there I had very hot chilling pakodas made out of chanadal aftet having pakodas we both started our jounry to Mulund by taking Palm Beach Road which is pleasing to drive and I prefer Palm Beach Road always, it was straight route to Mulund without taking any left or right expect one left in Airoli which was on distinstictive amount of distance.

While going through we faced many hurdles one of them you can clearly see in video AUTO took the right middle of the road while we wear riding to the right and it was breathtaking incident.

Further moving we finished PALM Beach Road and reached Turbhe Road after riding few meters we saw some smoke coming out of nowhere and I told my wife something is burning badly and I got bad feeling about it.

The moment we reached close to smoke and saw the fire it was horrifying as one MARUTI SWIFT was on fire and it was almost burned & still burning, the fire was so bad that heat can be felt from a distance.

We captured the moment in slow motion on our phones you can see same on my YouTube Channel and Videos.

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