Developer Release Of Beta 4 iPhone OS 4


This is great news that has just been released. It seems that Apple has just released the Beta 4 of iPhone OS 4 for developers. This release comes along with a brand new version of SDK for both the iPhone and the iPod touch. Only the members that are actually enrolled in the iPhone Developer Standard or Enterprise Program will be able to get access to these newly released bits of the iPhone OS 4 and the new SDK. To access these all you have to do is sign into your Apple Developer Connection.The iPhone OS 4 Beta 4 and the new SDK include all new API improvements along with some great new features too. A lot of the bugs have also been fixed. The new change log is sure to be very welcome by developers especially those who have been involved with the previous Beta versions of the new OS 4.

The Beta 3 version of the iPhone OS 4 was released earlier this month with the Beta 2 version being released on the 21st of April. The first Beta version was unveiled at Appleā€™s 1-Infinite loop campus in Cupertino. The announcement of the new OS 4 added a lot of new features for both the developers and the users and there is a lot of anticipation around the launch of the brand new iPhone OS 4.

All developers can now download the iPhone OS 4 Beta 4 edition and the newly improved SDK so if you are one of these people make sure that you get this download so that you can check out what has been added and what has been fixed.

All the usual protocols and procedures for testing the Beta version apply so be sure to check out the Beta 4 edition and stay tuned for more information which I will be bring to you as it is announced. The iPhone OS 4 is set to be great and if you want to be a part of this every changing technology then be sure to download the OS 4 Beta 4 and SDK now.

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