Delhi Police lodged FIR against the creator of Fake Video


After the Airstrikes by IAF, Pakistan had started playing the PsyOps and now it seems like it has up the ante. When the whole country is going through the spectrum of emotions every day with every new News, one manufactured video surfaced which has fake audio clips of Amit Shah and Rajnath Singh falsely claiming that Pulwama terror attack is an inside job by BJP. It was a Facebook Live video posted by some Avi Dandiya, who is an NRI based out in the USA. After it went viral in India, various propaganda websites of Pakistan strategically picked it up to play the game in its favor, some of these major websites are,,,, It should also be noticed that various Congress and AAP leaders along with their social media teams picked up this narrative to discredit the present Government in this volatile time.

When we heard it carefully to know the truth, we found that the words used in the clips were cleverly drawn together from the various interviews and speeches given by Rajnath Singh and Amit Shah. And at the same time questions asked by the women were in a specific direction to take out some meaning. In the analysis, it has also been seen that the tone and pitch of the voices are not constant, there are intermittent ups and downs.

After the pressure from social media and undue delay, action has been initiated finally this evening. Delhi Police has now registered a case against Avi Dandiya on the directions of Home Ministry. Police may reach him very soon to know the real intention behind this video. As Pakistan had also adopted the similar Modus Operandi before releasing WC Abhinandan, they had created one 90 seconds video with 21 cuts, with the intention to show India down before one very major event which had eyeballs from all the governments of the globe.

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