BTS rumoured collaboration with Coldplay for ‘My Universe’ sends ARMY into a tizzy on Twitter – Times of India


Coldplay and K-Pop stars BTS may just be giving us all the collaboration we never knew we needed. Rumours are rife that the boy bands will soon drop a song titled ‘My Universe‘.

ARMY has been speculating that a Coldplay and BTS collaboration may be in the works following the K-Pop artists singing their cover of the hit track ‘Fix You’. Rumours about the alleged collaboration only increased after a MatchLyric page posted lyrics of a song ‘My Universe’ that had the artist credits as – Coldplay Feat. BTS.

While ARMY preferred to wait for an official confirmation before getting their hopes up, they, however, took to Twitter to express their joy and excitement for the rumoured collaboration.

“I know it’s unconfirmed but I’m hella excited on this,” a fan said in a tweet.

Another added, “My fangirl life is going full circle.”

“f it really happens, I might die from happiness!! Imagine the warmth and healing BTS x Coldplay can bring to this earth,” still another said.

It was previously reported that Chris Martin was ‘hiding a huge secret’ about the possibility of a collaboration with the K-Pop stars. ARMY, however, were quick to take to social media and predict that news of an official collab could come anytime soon.

BTS made headlines around the world early this year when they performed ‘Fix You’ for MTV Unplugged. Speaking about the cover, Jimin said, “Last year, we all went through such difficult times and this song gave us comfort, so we wanted to prepare this cover to comfort you all as well. It’s one of our favourite songs, so we had fun while preparing for it.”

The cover garnered a lot of reactions from fans. While some admitted they got emotional listening to the song, others felt it didn’t match up to the original.

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