Autocar India 60,000km Maintenance Cost Study Part 5 – Mid-size sedans

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Moving ahead from Part 2 of the premium and executive sedan segment, part 3 and part 4 of our maintenance cost study, we now present part 5 comprising of the mid-size sedan segment.

  • Maintenance costs calculated over 60,000km
  • Mid-size sedans maintenance costs compared
  • Factors in parts cost and service life, labour ex-Delhi costs inclusive of taxes

The mid-size sedan segment may have had its market share eaten into by compact SUVs and mid-size SUVs lately, but it remains a desirable and aspirational vehicle type that many Indians still flock to as they upgrade from their hatchbacks.

In fact, this year alone has seen many big changes in the segment. The Maruti Ciaz has ditched its diesel engine, as have the Vento and Rapid, which have gained an all-new 1.0 turbo-petrol engine instead. The Verna was given a comprehensive facelift with three all-new engines, and of course, a brand-new generation of the Honda City was launched.

All these new developments will have undoubtedly brought a renewed interest to the mid-size sedan segment, and if you’re in the market for one, be sure to refer to this study when making your decision. Just how much does the overall maintenance for these sedans cost over 60,000km? Read on to find out, and be sure to check out our criteria and methodology for this detailed study in Part 1, which dealt with Premium and Executive SUVs.

Mid-size sedans maintenance cost comparison

  • Honda City and Hyundai Verna are the only two sedans which offer a diesel engine option, in this otherwise petrol-only space.
  • Skoda Rapid and Volkswagen Vento have a one year or 15,000km service interval, while the rest have a 10,000km service interval.
  • With relatively affordable cost of parts and labour, the Hyundai Verna, in either the 1.5L petrol, 1.0L turbo or the 1.5L diesel guise, is the most pocket-friendly over six years or 60,000km. Hyundai also charges for labour at a flat rate of Rs 2,879, from the third annual or 30,000km service onwards.
  • The Toyota Yaris is also quite light on the pocket, and Toyota too charges for labour only from the 30,000km service onwards. Its AC filter/air refiner is the most expensive, which requires a replacement every 30,000km.
  • The Honda City petrol is a bit pricier. While the Honda city diesel, is significantly more expensive when compared to the Hyundai’s diesel. This is a result of comparatively higher labour rates which alternate between Rs 3,646 and Rs 2,608, from the 20,000km service onwards for the diesel and Rs 3,198 and Rs 2,159 for the petrol.
  • The Volkswagen Vento and the Skoda Rapid are the priciest to maintain in this comparison. The oil change is more expensive than the competition and labour rates too are comparatively higher than the others.
  • Despite sharing its engine and components with other Maruti cars, the Ciaz petrol isn’t the most pocket-friendly of the bunch. Over the five chargeable services up to 60,000km, the Maruti commands a labour cost of Rs 14,384.

Did you find this maintenance cost comparison helpful? Tell us what you think in the comments section, and stay tuned for more maintenance cost comparison surveys of other segments that are coming soon.

Mid-size sedan maintenance costs (in Rupees)
Honda City Honda City Skoda Rapid Toyota Yaris Volkswagen Vento Hyundai Verna Hyundai Verna Hyundai Verna Maruti Ciaz
Engine 1.5P 1.5D 1.0P 1.5P 1.0P 1.0P 1.5P 1.5D 1.5P
Air Filter 437 350 338 242 382 275 275 275 310
Oil Filter 175 395 99 501 99 89 89 425 165
Fuel Filter NA 1250 NA NA NA 845 845 1018 505
Fuel Filter – In Tank 514 NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
Washer Drain Plug 36 36 155 54 155 NA NA NA 5
Spark Plug (for entire set) 1964 NA 891 NA 891 NA NA NA 440
Fan Belt/ Drivebelt NA NA NA NA 382 NA NA NA NA
Coolant 1146 1240 NA NA NA 544 525 610 432
Engine Oil 1043 2024 3840 1073 3840 1368 1444 1704 2072
Transmission/Transaxle Oil 430 583 NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
Brake fluid 396 330 596 345 648 NA NA NA 355
Pollen / HVAC filter 779 779 614 2199 614 371 371 371 NA
Service Intervals 1 year or 10,000km 1 year or 10,000km 1 year or 15,000km 1 year or 10,000km 1 year or 15,000km 1 year or 10,000km 1 year or 10,000km 1 year or 10,000km 1 year or 10,000km
1st Service Cost (parts+labour) 2033 3234 4860 1627 4860 1457 1533 2129 2242
2nd Service Cost (parts+labour) 5668 8549 8872 1627 9284 2074 1875 3684 5861
3rd Service Cost (parts+labour) 4588 6172 7938 6220 7425 4336 4687 5008 5133
4th Service Cost (parts+labour) 5668 8549 10558 4798 11450 4953 4754 6563 7234
5th Service Cost (parts+labour) 4192 7082 NA 4022 NA 4880 4937 5619 5003
6th Service Cost (parts+labour) 6493 9463 NA 6220 NA 5731 5808 6563 5979
Total Cost 28642 43049 32228 24514 33019 23431 23594 29566 31452
Maintenance cost per km (upto 60,000km) 0.48 0.72 0.54 0.41 0.55 0.39 0.39 0.49 0.52

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