Are You Ready For The Apple iWatch?


There has been talk about Apple introducing an iWatch for quite some time now so I wanted to update you on this. The Apple iWatch concept has been designed by an Italian design house by the name of ADR Studio. When the information about this concept was released there was a tremendous amount of interest in the not only the concept but the actual Apple iWatch itself. It seems that people haven’t forgotten about watches afterall.Since the introduction of mobile phones watches have kind of become irrelevant. When people ask you for the time it is an automatic reaction to take out your phone and look. Do people still wear watches?

Well obviously they do and after the tremendous response that ADR Studio received for their iWatch concept the designer actually went and created a brand new video so that he could show off his vision of what the next best thing from Apple could be like. I have to admit, it looks pretty amazing but you can be the judge of this yourself.

Before you jump ahead and watch the video here is a brief explanation from the designer himself about his amazing concept:

The Apple iWatch concept is a wrist device that features an aluminum body, WiFi and Bluetooth, integrated RSS reader, 16GB of storage for music and pictures, a weather forecast system, connectivity with iPhone and iPad and an LCD projector so that users can beam their photos and videos onto a wall or something similar in order to watch them.

It sounds amazing doesn’t it so take a look at the video below which has been inspired by the official iPhone and iPad ads that have been created by Apple.


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