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Angad Bedi on Neha Dhupia losing out on projects due to pregnancy: It’s destiny – Times of India

Angad Bedi looks all dapper as he walks in to judge the 9th edition of the Liva Miss Diva event taking place tonight. On the red carpet of the event, he speaks to ETimes exclusively about what he will be looking for in the contestants, past beauty pageant winners’ journeys, and wife Neha Dhupia losing out on roles due to pregnancy. Excerpts:

What would you look for in contestants to pick a winner?

Honestly, I am just looking forward to the amazing talent that is going to be showcased here. I come from a place where I feel women are definitely superior beings, and for them, this is a great platform to perform and showcase their talents and have an identity. I feel that judgement should not be taken personally; you have to believe in yourself and be the best. Go out there and just enjoy yourself!

We’ve seen many pageant winners enter the film industry. Whose journey, according to you, has been the most inspiring?

Well, there have been some phenomenal names like Sushmita Sen and Lara Dutta, and my own wife, who inspires me a lot. There’s immense pride in how she has not just carried herself publicly but the kind of work that she has done; it’s not easy. Physicality also plays a very important role, but, at the same time, one must also feel very comfortable in their skin and just project and radiate positivity.

Your wife Neha Dhupia recently spoke about losing out on work because she was pregnant. What are your views on this? As a man, have you lost roles since getting married and wearing the dad tag?

It happens; I have also been replaced in projects. You have to raise up your chin and march forward. I have also had the opportunity to work with wonderful people. As far as getting replaced, it’s destiny. You are here for the long run and these are the things that you have to put behind you and move on.

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