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Ali Fazal emphasizes on mental health awareness; motivates people to reach out for help – Times of India

With the ongoing pandemic, and leading a lockdown lifestyle, people all over the world have been dealing with emotional troubles and also battling mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Having said that, Bollywood actor Ali Fazal opines on the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed one and all to acknowledge the importance of mental health in our country.

Especially for a country like India, the stigma and the taboo around it has been diminishing, as there is more awareness about the subject now. In an interview with a news portal, The ‘Fukrey’ actor says that it’s high time people should speak up about mental health pressures, and also help spread awareness about the same in India.

He also stated that India is a country in which people still grapple with enormous amounts of stigma and ignore the importance of mental health in their lives, thus letting mental illnesses fester in them without seeking professional help.

He also urges that if we as responsible humans speak up now, many lives can be helped in this hour of need. ‘At a time when uncertainty coupled with fear due to the pandemic is at its peak, the impact that it has on people especially in terms of their mental health is a major concern for the world’ the actor told the news portal.

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