Telugu Actor Ravi Teja Trolled For ‘Vulgar’ Romance Scenes With Actress Half His Age

    Audience call out Ravi Teja for his vulgar dance moves with Bhagyashri Borse in 'Sitar' (Photo credits: X)

    Audience call out Ravi Teja for his vulgar dance moves with Bhagyashri Borse in ‘Sitar’ (Photo credits: X)

    Actor Ravi Teja trolled for romancing actress half her age, ‘vulgar’ dance step in ‘Sitar’ song fuels it further.

    ‘Mr. Bachchan’ is gearing up to be a major attraction in Tollywood this year, bringing together the formidable duo of Ravi Teja and director Harish Shankar. Bhagyashri Borse stars opposite Ravi Teja in this Telugu adaptation of the Bollywood hit ‘Raid’. The promotional blitz has kicked off with the release of its first song, “Sitar,” composed by Mickey J Meyer.

    In the song, Ravi Teja, aged 56, shares romantic moments with the 25-year-old actress amidst breathtaking landscapes and catchy dance moves. While many were impressed by the visuals and the infectious hook step, some found certain scenes objectionable. Particularly controversial was a dance move where Teja playfully puts his hands in Borse’s pockets from behind her lehenga, sparking criticism for its perceived vulgarity and the significant age gap between the actors.

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    “56-year-old Ravi Teja’s sickening dance steps with the 25-year-old Bhagyashree Borse. And the filmmakers don’t even care to show the actress’ face here, because all they want is to objectify her,” criticised the ‘X’ page, Films and Stuffs, alongside a viral video of the song.

    Similar sentiments echoed across social media, with one commenter stating, “When they don’t have content then go to these kind of cheap tricks. People must reject these kind of things.” “The actress and director should be equally criticized.They are only focusing on objectifying the women.. This promo and the previous one, there’s no insights about the story or music rather only heroine’s body is the main plot there.” said another.

    However, not everyone shared this viewpoint, arguing that if the audience enjoys it, filmmakers are justified in their choices. “If the pair look good in films the audience has no problem about the age gap , every one troll dhamaka movie age gap between sreleela and ravi teja before movie release, but everything change after movie release the pair has very good chemistry in on screen and thats what matter,” one supporter noted.

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    Another added, “But the audience will still go to theatres and watch this right? If the audience doesn’t demand a radical change in policy then it’s never happening.”

    Regardless, ‘Mr. Bachchan’ is expected to hit theatres starting August 15, 2024.

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