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    In multiple interviews, actress Deepika Padukone has expressed her love for a special dish that she considers her comfort food – rasam rice. A delightful South Indian dish that can be easily prepared at home, it can also be added to your weight loss diet. For those who don’t want to have rice as part of their menu, rasam alone can also be a flavourful presence in your daily diet to lose weight in a happy mode. The low-calorie preparation has many digestive benefits due to the presence of many spices, tomatoes and tamarind, which also makes you feel full. Every south Indian state including Kerala calls rasam their own and this proves its universal appeal in the region. Here’s how you should have rasam to lose weight easily:

    1) A bowl of rasam should be the first thing you have before your meal. Not only will it limit your appetite, but it can also increase satiety. If you include a lean protein like tofu, grilled chicken or legumes with it, it can be an all-round meal too. Those of you who love vegetables should also add carrots, bell peppers, spinach and more to it to increase fibre content. 
    2) Make sure that the rasam you have is a homemade, low-sodium version as this can ensure you aren’t consuming too much salt. High salt levels can cause bloating, which will lead to weight gain. Also, drink it warm during the monsoon season. It can also help you relax well and sleep better.
    3) You can also have rasam as shots, salad dressing and popsicles if having it the same way can bore you. If you cook whole-grain noodles at home, you can also sprinkle some warm rasam and veggies over it to make it an ultra-homely, satisfying dish. 
    4) While it is a less-calorie soup, make sure you control portions and have it with a balanced meal for best results. Over-consumption might not help you limit your calorie consumption and lose weight. 

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