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    Varanasi: Recognizing the critical need for early detection of colorectal cancer and intervention, a new study initiative has been launched to assess the feasibility and benefits of comprehensive colorectal cancer screening in 50-75 years age group. The research is being conducted by a collaboration between AIIMS Delhi, SGPGI Lucknow, and IMS BHU Varanasi.”Colorectal cancer often develops without symptoms in its early stages, making regular screening crucial, especially as age increases. Through initiatives like this study, we aim to promote proactive healthcare practices and ensure that more lives are saved through early detection,” said Dr. DP Yadav, leading Gastroenrologist at IMS-BHU and advocate for colorectal cancer awareness. He said that the study aims to determine whether screening all individuals in the 50-75 years age bracket could lead to improved detection rates and better patient outcomes. Colorectal cancer screening typically begins with a stool test. If the test result is positive, a colonoscopy is recommended. Colonoscopy remains the gold standard for detecting both colorectal cancer and its precursor lesions (precancerous growths). This allows for early treatment, potentially saving lives. Studies have shown that early detection through screening significantly reduces colorectal cancer mortality rates. He further said that colorectal cancer is a significant health concern globally, with its cases rising steadily. According to recent data, colorectal cancer ranks among the top 10 cancers in terms of both incidence and mortality in the country. It is estimated that over 60,000 new cases are diagnosed annually, with a notable increase observed among individuals aged 50 to 75 years. He said in India, efforts are underway to enhance public awareness about colorectal cancer and the importance of timely screenings.

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