WhatsApp releases Context Cards for Group Chats

    What’s the news: WhatsApp groups will now come with a ‘context card’ feature to inform newly added users about the nature of the group. Specifically, the card will inform users who made the group and at what point in time, according to a company press release on July 9, 2024.

    “If you’re added to a group by someone you don’t know, you’ll now see a context card giving you more information about the group. This includes who added you, how recently the group was created, and who created it. From there, you can decide whether to stay or leave the group,” said WhatsApp. The feature has already begun rolling out to users and will be available in the coming weeks.

    Speaking to MediaNama, a WhatsApp spokesperson further said, “The context card cannot be created by group admins. Just like a contact card provides context and information when a new number messages you, the context card in group chats empowers you with information to help confirm whether or not it’s a group you know or want to be in.”

    Earlier this year, the Delhi High Court, had asked WhatsApp to remove social media accounts linked to certain mobile numbers impersonating venture capital firms Sequoia Capital and Peak XV (formerly Sequoia Capital India). However, the platform had said it could not do so unless the venture capital provided “sufficient identifiers,” such as the name of the group administrators or the group/ community invite link to the impersonating account. While WhatsApp can locate the creator of a group, it cannot identify the current group administrator. The creation of a context card may help with the resolution of this case since it can help identify a specific group via the creator’s identity.

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