With iOS 18 beta 3, Apple brings dynamic wallpapers to iPhones for the first time — How they work – Technology News

    Apple has introduced dynamic wallpapers to iPhones with iOS 18 beta 3. This feature allows the wallpaper to change throughout the day by cycling through different variants of an image bundled together.

    According to 9to5Mac, iOS 18 beta 3 includes a dynamic version of the default wallpaper, enhancing the previous four colour options—Purple, Azure, Pink, and Yellow. Now, users selecting the dynamic variant will see their wallpaper automatically transition between these colours throughout the day.

    While macOS offers a more extensive implementation with numerous shades that subtly change over time, the iPhone’s version is simpler, switching only between the four preset colour variants. Despite its simplicity, this addition has been highly anticipated and will likely be well-received by iPhone users.

    iOS 18 beta 3 brings more than just dynamic wallpapers. The update also introduces the InSight tool for the Apple TV app, expanded RCS (Rich Communication Services) support, and automatic dark mode icons for third-party apps. For the iPhone 15 Pro series, a new flashlight animation has been added. The Photos app has also received minor updates, such as a new Select button at the top right corner, making it easier to select and share multiple photos and videos.

    Developers enrolled in Apple’s beta program can download and install iOS 18 beta 3 on compatible iPhones. Since iOS 17, Apple has made it easier for everyone to sign up for these beta releases. Previously, you had to shell out USD 100 for access to the developer beta but not anymore. All you need now is an Apple ID, one that you’ll need to register, in order to get the update. The public beta is expected to be released next week.

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