GHMC gets cracking, forms anti-dengue action plan

    Hyderabad: GHMC officials on Tuesday formulated a dengue control action plan emphasising awareness and medical examinations for all household members. The coordination meeting, led by chief medical officer Dr Padmaja and chief entomologist Dr. Rambabu, focused on necessary precautions for dengue control.

    The officials decided to conduct dengue awareness programs for school students every Friday and Saturday, without fail. Biology teachers will educate students on mosquito-borne diseases and their prevention. About 5,000 volunteers will be appointed across the city to raise awareness in both government and private schools.

    At the colony level, officials decided to engage colony members every Friday to identify and eliminate mosquito breeding sites in homes, providing education along the way. Large-scale mobile messages will be sent to the public to raise awareness about diseases spread by mosquitoes.

    Coordination among departments, including medical and sanitation, will be maintained at all levels. The assistant medical officer will lead the team and coordinate with senior and junior entomologists to prevent mosquito-borne diseases. Weekly meetings will be held with all line departments, including district commissioners, assistant medical officers of health services, and assistant entomologists at all zonal offices.

    Zonal commissioners and other officials were tasked with visiting local hospitals to monitor the status of dengue cases and develop a zonal dengue action plan in coordination with DCs, AMOHs, and SEs. DCs, in collaboration with senior entomologists, were instructed to focus on ALO, IEC, and fogging, and conduct special drives in all hotspots and areas with reported dengue cases. They will spray pyrethrum chemicals in at least 30 to 50 houses around every dengue-positive case. Daily mosquito complaints received
    through GHMC online, the My GHMC app, emails, and Twitter will be addressed promptly.

    AMOHs should understand the method of mixing larvicides and adulticides for effective mosquito control. The sanitation team will inspect and clean vacant lots of garbage, while the medical team will conduct medical examinations for all household members.

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