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    A father has drawn criticism for assigning his three-year-old daughter a bowl to fill with her tears as a form of punishment for watching too much television. When the father, who is from Yulin, in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region of southern China, was making dinner, he called his daughter over to the dining table. However, when she didn’t listen to him, the father gave her an unusual punishment, as per reports.

    What punishment did the father give to his 3-year-old daughter?

    The father made the young girl fill a bowl with her tears for watching excess TV. (Unsplash)

    When the man called his daughter, Jiajia, for dinner, she did not hear him as she was engrossed in watching TV. As a result, the man turned furious and turned off the show, which led to Jiajia crying. He then brought an empty bowl to her and said, “You can watch TV again when your tears fill up this bowl,” reported the South China Morning Post. (Also Read: Father kneels in front of daughter after not being able to buy her an iPhone)

    How did the girl react to the punishment?

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    In a widely shared video that her mother recorded and uploaded on Douyin (a short-form video hosting service in China) the girl was seen gathering her tears in a bowl beneath her face and trying to squeeze her eyes farther. After holding the bowl for more than ten seconds, she told her parents that her hands were tired and that it was “impossible for her to manage this task.”

    Her father then instructed her to smile for him. The image of the girl giggling with tears on her face amused her parents, according to the mother.

    After the video of Jiajia crying with a bowl went viral on social media, it caused an outrage. Numerous people slammed the father for his behaviour towards the three-year-old.

    Earlier, parents in China punished their children for not completing their homework and instead watching TV. The parents punished the child by making him watch TV all night. They even took turns watching the toddler to push him to stay awake. The child was initially peaceful and ate snacks while watching television before becoming exhausted and started crying. He wasn’t permitted to sleep till 5 am.

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