All You Need To Know About FII Positions Going Into Trade On July 10

    The Nifty July futures are up 0.45% to 24,485.65 at a premium of 52.45 points, with open interest rising 1.64%.

    Nifty Bank July futures are up by 0.11% to 52,615.75 at a premium of 46.95 points, while its open interest is down by 0.34%.

    The open interest distribution for the Nifty 50 July 11 expiry series indicated most activity at 25,000 call strikes, with 24,000 put strikes having maximum open interest.

    For the Bank Nifty options July 10 expiry, the maximum call open interest was at 55,000 and the maximum put open interest was at 51,000.

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