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    Pranysqa Mishra, a nine-year-old Indian-origin girl from Florida, left the judges amazed on America’s Got Talent with her brilliant voice. Mishra also received a standing ovation from the audience members for her performance and received a Golden Buzzer from Heidi Klum on the show.

    Here are 10 things to know about Pranysqa Mishra, a child prodigy from Florida:

    1. The nine-year-old sensation hails from Tampa, Florida, who gained popularity across the US and Canada with her brilliant voice.
    2. Mishra has been performing professionally for the last couple of years, singing at major sports events including the NBA, United Soccer League, and more.
    3. The budding star sang the American national anthem before the NCAA Men and Women’s Basketball game in New York in 2021.
    4. She also sang the national anthem for the Florida Panthers American football team in 2023. In 2024, Mishra sang before the Miami Heat vs Utah Jazz NBA game.
    5. Earlier in May this year, Mishra sang “God Bless America” by Celine Dion during the Memorial Day Commemorative Celebrations.
    6. According to Voyoga LA, Mishra’s Canadian rendition of the National Anthem gained widespread appreciation and she was even invited to sing it at a Canadian Parliament meeting.
    7. Mishra revealed to the publication that at just eight years old, she was an honours student in Grade 3 at the Florida Virtual School.
    8. Pranysqa Mishra achieved several significant milestones in her young career. Besides performing in several Broadway musicals with New York productions, the nine-year-old star winner was even featured on the World Apollo Stage in New York.
    9. In an interview with Voyage LA, Pranysqa said that her parents sold their house and her dad had to look for a new job in the US, while her mom had to give up her 16-year-long career after moving to the US from Toronto, Canada.
    10. Despite facing numerous challenges, Mishra and her family believed that the US offered more recognition and opportunities to pursue her dreams.
    Pranysqa Mishra, a nine-year-old Indian-origin girl from Florida stunned everyone with her voice, singing to Tina Turner’s River Deep, Mountain High on America’s Got Talent.(Instagram/@pranysqa.mishra)

    Earlier, an eleven-year-old Maya Neelakantan performed on stage at America’s Got Talent and soon went viral for her brilliant guitar-playing skills. She was hailed as “Rock Goddess from the land of Goddesses” by Anand Mahindra.

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