Ranbir Kapoor has zero attitude, doesn’t present himself as ‘the star’: Ramayana co-star Indira Krishna

    A recent photograph of actor Indira Krishna alongside Ranbir Kapoor on the sets of the highly-anticipated film Ramayana, directed by Nitesh Tiwari, has caused quite a stir online. Netizens flooded the comments section of Krishna’s Instagram post with inquiries, eagerly awaiting the official announcement of the film. Following an internet frenzy about the picture, we reached out to Krishna to learn more about her involvement in the film. While confirming her role as Kaushalya, the 49-year-old said that she is governed by a strict confidentiality agreement and cannot divulge details about her character or the project.

    Indira Krishna with Ranbir Kapoor

    However, Krishna did discuss the viral photo and her experience working with Kapoor. “I hold Ranbir [Kapoor] in high regard,” she says, shedding light on her experience of their collaborations in Animal and Ramayana. “I’ve yet to encounter anyone like him in this industry. He has this magnetic presence. He exudes care, love, and kindness,” the 49-year-old tells us, recounting instances of his thoughtful demeanour on set. “If you’re seated in a corner, he’ll make his way over to you, greet you, and ask about your day. Who does that these days? He’s a wonderful person,” she says.

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    Underscoring Kapoor’s genuine rapport with his colleagues, Krishna says he ensures he stands near the camera and gives cues to other actors. “He puts everyone on set at ease,” Krishna remarks, expressing admiration for Kapoor’s conduct, both on and off-camera. She elaborates, “He has zero attitude. He’s not fake. In fact, he runs away from negativity and negative people. He doesn’t present himself as ‘the star’.”

    On a separate note, when asked about the leaked photos from the film’s set featuring Lara Dutta and Arun Govil in character as Kaikeyi and Dashrath respectively, Krishna clarifies the circumstances surrounding the incident. “It wasn’t leaked from the set,” she says. “People climb fences on the outside, and someone takes photos from a very close range. It is difficult to manage people,” the actor laments, noting the challenges of maintaining strict security protocols on shoot locations.

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    Regarding the producers’ decision to maintain a stringent ‘no-photo’ policy, Krishna says she supports the precautionary measure. “Why should one reveal the look?” she asks, stressing “it takes away not only the charm but also risks the easy replication of outfits and looks”.

    Krishna’s filmography includes Tere Naam (2003), Tathastu (2006), Holiday (2014), Hey Bro (2015), and Animal (2023). She has also been part of television shows like Manzilein Apani Apani (2001), Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii (2005), Krishnaben Khakhrawala (2010), Krishnadasi (2016) and Saavi Ki Savaari (2023).

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