Expert Explains Why Water Fasting May Not Be Good For Rapid Weight Loss

    Many individuals worldwide observe fasts and stop consuming food to shed their excessive weight. One of the fasting practices gaining prominence globally is water fasting. According to the Healthline website, water fasting is a fast during which you cannot consume anything besides water. In an interview with News 18, Dr Kamini Sinha said fasting is not beneficial in instant weight loss. Kamini is the founder and senior dietitian of Diet Mantra Clinic, Noida. As per the doctor, water fasting is a great method to detoxify the body, but it cannot reduce weight immediately. According to Dr Kamini, some people are under the wrong assumption that they can reduce their weight by opting for water fasting for 2-3 days. The medical practitioner suggested that water fasting combined with a healthy diet and proper exercise regime can contribute to weight loss.

    Also, as per the doctor, there are many negative consequences as well of opting for water fasting. Dr Kamini said that patients suffering from diabetes, low blood pressure and other serious health ailments should not perform water fasting. Also, as per the doctor, pregnant and breastfeeding women should abstain from this fasting. Before doing this, they should consult a doctor, failing which may harm their health. Apart from these cases, people who want to lose weight in 3 days should also not do this fasting for instant weight loss. Performing this fast will not lead to instant weight loss.

    The doctor has cautioned even healthy people to do this fasting for only 24 to 48 hours. Dr Kamini feels that fasting more than this can upset the balance of enzymes in the body, leading to other health ailments. According to the medical professional, fasting can be very effective in removing toxins from the body. However, she said that people should drink not just water but also lemon water, coconut water or shikanji. All these beverages will remove toxic elements from the body and keep the hydration levels intact.

    The doctor said that this fasting will reduce the intake of calories and carbs, which can be of great benefit to the body.

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