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    Influencer Revant Himatsingka, popularly known as Food Pharmer, received a note from the pilots of his Air India flight this morning. The note, signed by “Chandni and Rinkesh,” thanked the influencer for promoting healthier eating habits among Indians.

    Food Pharmer Revant Himatsingka and the note he received from Air India pilots.(X/@foodpharmer2)

    Himatsingka has cultivated a following of 2.6 million on Instagram where he exposes the dark patterns in marketing pre-packaged food. The Wharton graduate encourages his audience to ditch unhealthy pre-packaged meals and junk food for their own benefit.

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    Himatsingka’s first brush with fame came in April 2023, when he made a video about Bournvita’s high sugar content and how the beverage is marketed as a health supplement for children. The video earned him a legal notice from the brand, but ultimately forced Bournvita to slash the sugar content in its product.

    More recently, the Food Pharmer shared a video exposing the high sodium content of meals served onboard Indigo flights. He pointed out that upma, poha and dal chawal served on the Indigo flights have more sodium than Maggi. Himatsingka said that although these food options may sound healthier than Maggi, that may not necessarily be the case.

    A note from Air India

    This morning, Kolkata-based Revant Himatsingka shared a picture of the note he received while travelling on an Air India flight. “An Air India pilot wrote this heartwarming note on a flight I took today,” he said while sharing the picture on X.

    “Dear Food Pharmer (Revant), firstly thank you for opening our eyes with your amazing content,” read the note. “Your initiative has helped India read the labels before making purchase.

    “You’re a revolution for us and coming generation who have now realised – ‘Padhega India tabhi toh sahi khayega India.’

    “It’s an honour to meet you in person. God bless you,” the note from the Air India pilots concluded.

    People in the comments section of the post also expressed their gratitude to Food Pharmer. “Well done Revant. You deserve that lovely note,” wrote one person. “Amazing work,” another said.

    Air India also responded to the post. “We’re touched by this heartfelt note, too. Hope to share the skies with you again soon!” the airline wrote on X.

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