Pune: Bajaj Unveils World’s First CNG Bike in Pimpri-Chinchwad to Combat Rising Fuel Costs

    Pimpri Chinchwad, 5th July 2024: Motorists have been enduring significant hardship due to escalating petrol and diesel prices over the past several years. In response, the government is actively seeking alternatives to traditional fuels. Currently, there is a burgeoning demand for CNG vehicles, particularly noticeable with the introduction of four-wheeler CNG models in the market.

    Recently, Bajaj unveiled the world’s first CNG bike in Pimpri-Chinchwad, inaugurated by Union Communications Minister Nitin Gadkari. This hybrid bike runs on both petrol and CNG, offering an impressive range of 200 km on just 2 kg of CNG. When combined with 2 litres of petrol, it achieves a total range of approximately 330 km.

    The launch of CNG bikes by Bajaj provides a much-needed alternative for bikers grappling with high petrol prices. Gadkari emphasized the bike’s affordability and its potential to alleviate fuel costs for the common man. He expressed his commitment to making India pollution-free, underscoring the significant role CNG bikes can play in achieving this goal. India has recently risen to the third position globally in the automobile sector, trailing only behind the United States and China, marking a significant milestone in the industry’s growth trajectory.

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