New Dedicated Power Button in Revamped Control Centre

    Apple unveiled the iOS 18 at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2024 on June 10.

    The next major software update is coming with AI features which includes a redesigned control center among many features. You will be able to see multiple new control screens with a swipe and also you can now add controls from supported third-party apps into the Control Centre.

    The iOS 18 will let you replace the icons at the bottom of the Lock Screen, Flashlight and Camera, with the options available in the controls gallery or else you can remove them entirely.

    In the revamped control center, there will be a dedicated power off button. Currently, the user has to hold the side button and volume button, then the switch off slider appears to turn off.

    Now, with iOS 18, there will be a new addition to the control center, a dedicated power button placed in the top right corner. After pressing the power button it will lead to the standard switch off slider to turn off the iPhone.

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