Mohammed Shami Enjoys Pani Puri To Embrace “The Favours Of Life”

    Mohammed Shami Enjoys Pani Puri To Embrace “The Favours Of Life”

    Watch: Mohammed Shami Embraces 'The Favours Of Life', Enjoys Pani Puri

    Mohammed Shami shared a video on pani puri on Instagram (Photo Credit: Instagram/ mdshami.11)

    Who doesn’t love the crispiness and coolness of pani puri? This street food has legions of fans around the country. And it seems that Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami is one of them. Shami recently took to Instagram to share a reel of himself enjoying pani puri. While many fans of this snack will say that you get the best taste on the streets, there’s no denying that homemade pani puri has its own charm. Shami also didn’t decide to go outside to relish this treat. In the video, the cricketer is seen seated on a couch at an indoor location, with the various elements of pani puri spread out on a table in front of him.

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    We see plates filled with crisp puris and a ragda-potato mixture for the filling. A bowl of the flavourful pani is kept to one side. One plate also holds what looks to be French fries seasoned with salt and pepper – we’re guessing this is part of a larger feast. Mohammed Shami assembles a pani puri for himself and tastes it. Wondering what was his reaction? His gestures seem to indicate that it hit the spot just right! Relatable, isn’t it? In the caption, Shami wrote, “Embracing the flavours of life, one Pani Puri at a time”.

    Check out the full video below:

    We love to see our favourite celebrities savouring street food like us. Several Bollywood stars have shared their love for different types of chaat and street-style indulgences on social media One of them is Preity Zinta, who loves to eat dahi puri. Check out her post here. Bhumi Pednekar once took to Instagram to post about her preferred spot for pani puri in Mumbai. Wondering where it is? Click here to read the full story.

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