A Timeline Of BTS’s Jimin And Song Da Eun’s Dating Rumors

    A Timeline Of BTS’s Jimin And Song Da Eun’s Dating Rumors

    Since summer 2022, BTS‘s Jimin has been the subject of dating rumors, alongside actress Song Da Eun, who is known for the 2016 film The Handmaiden, the dating variety show Heart Signal 2, and the reality show Dear My Room. The rumors have since been sparked again by her recent social media activity. Check out the full timeline of events below.

    BTS’s Jimin
    Actress Song Da Eun | Ian Ent

    Where the rumors begin

    On July 18, an anonymous netizen shared a now-deleted post titled “Proof of Bangtan Jimin Dating Song Da Eun” on the popular forum Pann Nate. It included 12 pieces of “proof” that Jimin and actress Song Da Eun were dating, such as similar accessories, Instagram posts, etc.

    OP (Original Poster) alleged that Jimin and Song Da Eun wore the same earrings on the same day (June 29, 2022).


    The alleged couple also apparently made Instagram stories on the same day (July 8) just four minutes apart.


    Jimin and Song Da Eun attended the same soccer game on her birthday (June 14).


    Song Da Eun watched the movie Allied, which Jimin had previously recommended people to watch.


    Jimin had written he wanted to plant peonies and rubber trees on a questionnaire that asked him what he wanted to do in his free time. Song Da Eun loves both of these plants.


    Jimin said that he wanted to give the name “Gangyangee” to his future pet, which is a combination of the Korean words for puppy (gangaji) and cat (goyangi). When asked if she liked dogs or cats via Instagram Q&A, Song Da Eun answered “Gangyangee,” which is also a nickname that Jimin has been associated with.


    Song Da Eun highlighted October 13 because she had a Q&A session on Instagram. Yet, October 13 is also Jimin’s birthday.


    Song Da Eun updated her Instagram story at a hotel restaurant in Jamsil. It was the last day of BTS’s concert at Jamsil Olympic Stadium.


    Both Song Da Eun and Jimin were seen taking pictures with Peanuts characters.


    Comedian Jo Seho followed just Jimin out of all the BTS members on Instagram but also followed Song Da Eun. Likewise, actress Lee Suji is friends with Da Eun, following both Jimin and her on Instagram.


    Song Da Eun opened a coffee shop with the number 5 in the name. Some consider the number 5 as Jimin’s number among the BTS members. Additionally, she shared a photo of the coffee shop, including a purple heart in the caption. This emoji is often used regarding BTS, as purple is BTS’s color.


    Jimin and Song Da Eun also allegedly wore “couple” or matching necklaces before.


    Song Da Eun addresses the rumors months later.

    On October 20, 2023, Song Da Eun finally addressed the rumors. After being plagued by the rumors and accusations, she shared a statement via Instagram.

    Please ask other people instead of me about things I’m not related to. I’m not insane. I know how scary fandoms are. Stop trying to make me scared by doing all these things that you could be sued for. Now and before, I’ve been gathering materials from Instagram, YouTube, etc. There are quite a few who are asking about the photos I’ve uploaded before. I thought that even if I uploaded a photo today, they would claim that I uploaded it [at a different time] in the past. Since they don’t know how I spend my day, I don’t reply to such comments.

    — Song Da Eun

    Song Da Eun sparks dating rumors yet again.

    Yet, on May 16, 2024, Song Da Eun herself contributed to the dating rumors. She shared a video of someone walking, covering them with a flower, via Instagram Stories. Netizens noticed its similarities to a photo V posted of Jimin in 2021.

    The photo posted by V on Weverse | BTS/Weverse
    The photo of Jimin posted by V on Weverse | BTS/Weverse

    In the following video, Song Da Eun wore a shirt that read “MIC DROP,” which puts one in mind of BTS’s hit song, “MIC Drop.”

    Song Da Eun also posted a video with a large yellow ball or balloon, similar to a prop used by Jimin in a previous shoot.

    | BTS/Weverse

    The final video showed her dog playing in an apartment. Netizens thought it looked similar to images of Jimin’s apartment from a past BTS documentary.


    The most controversial post is a photo that was allegedly shared and deleted. Song Da Eun allegedly showed a pair of cases with her and Jimin’s names.


    Netizens are upset by Song Da Eun’s recent activity, believing she is intentionally clout-chasing. Read more below.

    Netizens Are Furious After Actress Song Da Eun Seemingly Hints At A Romantic Relationship With BTS’s Jimin


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