Spotify users on Android complaint of app crashing after beta update

    Spotify users on Android complaint of app crashing after beta update

    It seems like many Spotify users on Android are encountering issues with the app crashing lately. This is happening due to the latest beta update for Spotify on Android, which is causing the app to crash even before it opens fully.

    Over the last few days, Spotify has rolled out an update to its Android app which renders the app completely inoperable. The problem is such that the app fails to open and crashes within a second or two of trying to launch it. Unlike the previous instances of crashing issues, none of the app’s functionalities, including connecting services like Android Auto, seem to be working this time. Spotify is just not functioning in any capacity.

    However, this problem is due to the latest Spotify for Android beta update, version

    The issue came to light on Saturday, December 30, and continues to persist with no update in sight to fix it. Users on social media platforms have confirmed the same, and even troubleshooting steps like uninstalling and reinstalling the app do not seem to be working.

    “@SpotifyCares, are there any known issues for the Spotify app on Android 14 / Pixel 7 Pro? The app keeps crashing on my phone (and did not in the past),” a user wrote on X (formerly Twitter), complaining about the Spotify app not working on their Android phone.

    “I’m having the same issue. I tried clearing the cache, re-logging, and even reinstalling the app and nothing worked. My app doesn’t open up. I just get a black screen that hangs for a few seconds,” wrote another

    “@Spotify you’ve got a bug after your latest update…. app won’t open and keeps crashing,” complained a user, to which another replied, “Ok. I’m not alone. This will be a strange one hour train ride now”

    It is possible to sideload an older version of the Spotify app, but doing so is not advisable. A safer option is to exit the Spotify beta program in the Play Store, uninstall the app, and then reinstall it using the stable version. Note that uninstalling the app will delete any content downloaded for offline use.

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